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TransJakarta Begins Separating Female and Male Passengers on Buses

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In order to prevent cases of sexual harassment on TransJakarta buses, the bus operator started a trial run last week separating male and female passengers on the Ragunan to Dukuh Atas route.
 “To prevent immoral acts, male passengers please go to the back and female passengers to the front,” said Sahrudin, a TransJakarta officer, on Wednesday as reported by beritajakarta.com.
“We try to protect the passengers, therefore they need to be separated,” he said. “When [the bus is] full, passengers are jostling.”
From January to November, there have been eight reported cases of sexual harassment on TransJakarta buses.
The latest reported harassment was experienced by high school student, IF, on the bus from Kampung Rambutan to Kampung Melayu on Nov. 23. Passenger Ahmad Afriansyah touched IF’s thigh and butt. Another passenger caught Ahmad in act and he was taken to the Jatinegara police station in East Jakarta.
Muhammad Akbar, head of the TransJakarta general service, said implementation was still limited to certain routes and certain times.
“It has not been intensely done,” Akbar said. “In the future, we will apply it in all corridors.”
Jakarta Globe | November 30, 2011

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