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Inspiring THE WOMEN (THE POWER OF Mothers)

by relentless on November 22, 2011 at 16:48
Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ... Once when I was with a young mother who was my age, she was heavily pregnant awaiting the birth of her second child arrived. Honestly I was amazed to see the prospective mother because
without them knowing they are actually awarded ALLOH with various super powers I think.
Imagine, in a state of pregnancy, as if he is carrying a heavy burden on their stomach ..
and for others who saw it felt really Beugahh,
wrote them to walk up and leaning backward as if it almost was not able to run ..
At that time we walked three with her first child who was barely 2 years old, but the child is quite fat and weight are pretty, hehee ...
We went to a shopping center with lots of groceries in hand, we walk away and the children guided by her mother,
Along the way the child is tired and have a sling. I tried to hold her one hand with the other hand still raised a few groceries.
Woww! Actually U'r so heavy kid! just a few yards I was overwhelmed just could not hold him, my hand hurts, so I was sent down again and I took this child to walk again .. but he's whining for a minute then picked up again, then deftly picked the mother immediately! for me its AMAZING !!!... how the situation is already visible effort he was able to hold her weight to the distance traveled pretty far! while I wrote that under normal circumstances could not do it immediately .. and even then I was stunned and could only utter SUBHANALLOH .. how much power are you give yourself a MOM .
and then one more thing that makes me admire the mother is calm in the face of the moments of the day labor where labor whose name it is a struggle between life and death of a woman's prospective mother, his demeanor was so calm, relaxed and totally invisible anxiety, worries or panic on his face ..
He went through the normal routine, he is still doing homework as usual, waiting for the day was not cuddle him in circumstances that are increasingly hard to move ..
and once again I can only say SUBHANALLOH .. so airy soul ALLOH Yaa ... concerns have been turned into a sense of sincerity in the determination of your destiny. in my heart I can only say, Yaa ALLOH, someday I could like him? makes the perfect woman's hand with confidence and strength from you? and hopefully Aamiin Robbal yes' alamin ....
On another occasion I saw a mother with her child who was 5 years old, has the disadvantage that his son was not perfect on her feet "Innalillah .." This child is old enough for a child his age, I've tried to help lead him to walk and even then I did with the help of another person, but MasyaAlloh .. so heavy! Our follow-up would fall too strong because it is not .. but his mother led him swiftly carry her directly, he was carrying his son was quick to let the destination.. "SUBHANALLOH" why it could be a strong mother carrying her child really well? whereas we are only guided him (both) are not capable! ALLOH Well once again you show who you show Your greatness on the strength of a MOM ...
Maybe for most mothers in this world is commonplace, but for me who have never felt being a mother, I think is extraordinary.
from the records of a prospective mother, may God grant your wish ...

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