Minggu, 27 November 2011

a you

You came, with all the fulness of you.
You came, even though dejavu
You came, with all the lessons and wisdom.
But you also will not forget for a moment, you say first.
Just like we all made ​​sure when crossing the veil.
Please remind me, begged you.
I chose you because we've both made ​​a promise to each other, you say again.
When we both still both remember.
When we're both still together at the other side of this coin.
Many who would like I said, but it looks like you're the one who already knows.
Somehow I must love you.
You're more like a teacher and friend.
Let nature that taught me to love you again from zero.
As if we never met before,
as if we never talk like two human adults,
because the language of the soul of all "as if" what I call just useless.
Time, age, and differences in our bodies,
The prize must be embraced and accepted.

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