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So much of women who have not met her match: t: t: t is indeed a phenomenon of concern. Is not marriage is a fundamental requirement: $: $ All people want and yearn.

Regardless of the number of women who become swollen, certainly not escape the selection criteria factors: L: L: L.

There was no denying the man is usually put up a stack of his future wife :@:@, criteria as well as with a woman had a myriad of requirements for her future husband: p: p Not infrequently so tight and the high criteria resulted merely wishful thinking mate: d: d: d

Flowers, call it so, age is creeping on the 40-year figure. Many times the process failed marriage. Beauty is not owned, high also less, wealth could not be expected, worse he is also not the type who diligently examines the science of religion and morals. The days passed with a puzzled, when he will obtain :$:$:$


Reflecting from this case is that Muslim women should explore the potential to improve the quality of self. It was beautiful and not by nature, as well as intelligence, social level, and the like. There could be developed so that a Muslim qualified.

Attention to the science of religion must be accompanied by forging themselves so as to produce noble spirit. There is no choice but to be a woman who salihah.
Beautiful, which is usually used as the main criterion by most people, without kesalihatan nature can be dangerous.

Smart will also be troublesome if not accompanied by good morals, a woman could be a long tongue, rude and uncivilized, or always be dissident. So also the berharta, without the guidance of religion, wealth often does not bring benefits, but rather be a disaster.
Social status that is not accompanied by a good quality of religion will only bring out the arrogance.

Unlike the women shalihat; without beauty, wealth, intelligence and social status will remain for good. The more so when accompanied by one or more properties of the four it, it will be excellent.
Who would not want to marry a rich woman, beautiful, intelligent and respected, shalihat again: L: L: L: L


Rasulullah Shollallahu 'alaihi wa sallam has given guidance in selecting women who will serve as a wife. Not just a smart pick, but he had to choose smart and clever woman must apply to be a figure of choice. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam describes some characteristics of a woman salihah, but short enough to be a guide for Muslim women.

"Do you want me to tell about a person who deposits the most valuable? That woman salihah that (her husband) to be happy when looked at, if ordered immediately filled, and when her husband without him keep his honor. "(Reported by Ahmad)

This is what will make a woman as an option, saving valuable nan:

1. Obey

A girl who used to obey the parents, will easily submit to your husband when he was married. During her husband's command is doing good (not contravene the Law/Syariat) he immediately execute it. When the command is not acceptable, will looking for the perfect time to convince her husband to drop their orders without coupled rebuttal, opposition, or the imposition of will.

2. Looked delicious

Not necessarily pretty. By optimizing all its potential to make a woman look at her husband happy. He will be able to make him feel comfortable, calm and satisfied. Husband felt fatigue after working all day by greeting his wife vanished. With so her husband would not do a no-no when outdoors. This will be easily done by a woman who used to be nice and smile to her parents.

3. Love and Surrender

A man certainly hope to get a wife who is able to love all my heart and let go. Women who act and behave in always trying to please her husband and away from the things that bring hatred. If the husband, while at home, do not get a wife who is being nice, loving, clean, always smiling alluring, beautiful words, loving nan holy Islamic character and touch of loving hands, then where else could he get it?

4. Like Helping

Salihah woman who always took her husband is in good faith and his world. Not incriminating, but it always reminds husbands to force obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, as well as providing advice and opinions for the sake of her husband's business progress.

Khadija bint Khuwailid radi 'anha, first wife of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and the mother of us all, an exemplary woman of choice. He donated the property and its attention to the struggle of the Prophet, sympathize relatives and always connect Hospitality. Will you inherit the properties and behavior? If yes, because it is you choose:):):):)

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