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Serayu Cindaga old bridge which was built in 1975 reportedly collapsed on Monday (27 / 6). The bridge is located on road-Rawalo Sampang KM. BMS. 20 700 and has 7 spans and 6 meters wide.
Jembatan Cindaga Lama, RuntuhSerayu River bridge divides in the border village of Cindaga, Kebasen District, and Village Rawalo, District Rawalo, Banyumas regency, Central Java.
This 208 meter long bridge collapsed allegedly due to a shift in construction because of scoring at the bottom of the bridge foundation. According Sudanang, Officer Builder Commitment Planning and Monitoring Unit of the National Road Central Java province, scoring difficult to detect because of a closed surface Serayu River is quite high.
Persitiwa happened yesterday at around 09.00 am, no casualties or impede traffic community. Since 1988 this bridge was not used because it assessed the feasibility of construction can not be operationalized and Traffic diverted instead to the New Cindaga Serayu bridge, right next to the Old Cindaga Serayu. The old bridge is still used only for drying rice or fishing spot by the residents.
Although this incident did not disrupt Cindaga Serayu New Bridge, Sudanang recommend to continue to do further tests, especially in buildings and foundations under the New Bridge Serayu Cindaga. A survey is intended to detect whether the occurrence of the same scoring on New Cindaga Serayu bridge.
In addition, he wanted daidakan job security under the bridge foundation Serayu New Cindaga with sheet pile massif, especially for the pillar 1,2, and 3-way lacquer. (Infocomm / DGH)
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