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by relentless on February 27, 2011 at 19:17
wikileaks, yes Web sensation last year spread to uncover the secret American documents. although this issue is considered completed, but there is still a "mystery" that has not been solved,
it turns out that such a sophisticated American intelligence can not decode the password from Indonesia??
According to confidential documents obtained by Wikileaks, the United States intelligence agencies, CIA, and national security agencies of the United States, the NSA, captures short messages (SMS) from and to Indonesia. The messages have substantial traffic.
These messages to make them suspicious because all of the short message is filled with a password that contains the code numbers, letters and symbols. At first glance this code looks simple. How where do you think about the news incarnate? However, cryptography experts (expert password) argues this password more complex than it appears. Short sentences, and words were much shorter than normal words in Indonesian. In addition, there appears to be some word that is a combination of few words but mean something else (portmanteaux). The language used seems also not a standard Indonesian, or maybe even the local language. This is the same as the use of Navajo language during World War II for communication, but the message was written with the Enigma machine (the password used tool of Nazi Germany when World War II); although the code is solved, the language used is not necessarily understandable.
Navajo language or languages ​​Navaho (Dine bizaad) is an indigenous language in America exactly in the north and southwest United States. The language is mainly spoken by the Navajo tribe and the number of speakers of this language is less than 175,000 inhabitants. Navajo language including Na-Dene language family. Navajo language is a language that is used as a password that is not solved in the second world war.
Back to the password from Indonesia this
An agent who investigates these messages stating: "The message contains a code that is sent through open channels such as SMS services prove that sends people believe that the code is not easy to solve, at least until the encoded information is not valid anymore. This code must be solved immediately because it could threaten national security ". This statement is in a report in one of the documents obtained by Wikileaks.
Here are examples of messages obtained by Wikileaks:
"QG mu km pg d4rQ, MU, k4n k3slh4n luph qi u B3bh."

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