Minggu, 27 November 2011

befriend the rain

What you feel when drenched in the rain?
swift break in a limited rate.
and drops feel like slapping the face.
there are no creeps ... sore ... no emotion ...
have missed ...
missed the warmth of a place called home.
longing for a soul mate is reassuring
but friends last night's rain,
made familiar with the various nuances of flavor.
enrich the mind.
O God I thank Thee in all weathers.
You are truly omniscient
all what seems and what is not apparent in this heart.
I seek refuge in Thee from ignorance,
and apostasy.
and rain ...
I still like you ...
although sometimes you're not friendly toward me,
even if you leave fever and dizziness in a corner of the head.
I still like ...

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