Selasa, 29 November 2011

point of view

ANGLE of view of me was very related to my point of view with jealousy. When I looked at myself as a guitar player, I am glad if there is a better guitar player than me poor quality.
 I felt him to win and if he wanted to, I could advise her to linger, not to make him smart, but more than just to confirm my victory. The proof, if the child will really clever because of my advice and even overtaking my ability, was the wrath of my heart.
But when the hobby is playing guitar I left and I moved hobby became a painter, painting only matters who can make me jealous. My view of the guitar world is cold and flat. Despite all the best guitarists in the world combine to stirring up my heart, I will see it as a mere show. Jealous of each other I'd experienced before now I look into the matter that is ridiculous.
Does this mean I'm getting wise and mature? No. Jealousy is just simply being the right move. This time into the world of painting. The whole matter concerning the painting made me sensitive. The whole conversation about painting without involving my name will be interpreted as an insult. And when I moved from a painter to the literary arts, the whole matter of the first paintings I consider to be the world's most important about it makes me ashamed. My painting is a masterpiece which I took as I can even distribute free of charge alone. Among others he was sitting in a stack warehouses and molt by ignorance. But to anyone letters contemporaries who began to receive praise, my heart is so not cool because I think it's just worth all the praise addressed to me. If there are critics forget to mention my name in the sequence of letters of the future, he would I set as an opponent.
I do not know how much longer transfer this interest to do because of the possibility of life was so rich and open. Because only by shifting the reading alone could turn my passion for everything. Only by shifting my association, can shift my profession too. But wherever the interest and the process was headed he always met with a new sense of jealousy. New choices that taste is always followed by a pebble in the shoe. Suddenly a new world, there are also people that his talent exceeds my talent, there is luck that seems bigger but not for me. And that usually makes me angry every time.
Then who are you, a creature called jealousy that relentlessly follow it? Oh, he was not he a loyal following me, but I'm the one who took her faithful. When I move, the jealousy is all I ask for with a fierce watch anything related to my world new. Then the world became a very serious matter, the most important and most urgent to deal with. To the other questions I sola easily be relaxed, but told about that one, I easily become tense.
Apparently this is the subject matter: so that one becomes important, others simplified. Once a single focus, others blurred. Living with a single focus is sometimes critical. But it turns out that the focus should not obscure other means. Stresses that one should not underestimate the other means. Since all were important and not the most important exist so no need to have the most I'm just jealous because I consider most important are.
So when I was jealous of one thing, I just pass my view in all directions, to admire the entire interest spread evenly throughout the universe so that all matter is more easily seen equivalent.
Oia Now I increasingly understand ... that music is something that neglect ... and painting ...? Um ... may God forgive my sin of the past ...

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