Rabu, 30 November 2011

I joined Meet Your wife

Of Thabit Al-Banani rahimahullah she recounted, there was a young man involved in a war. Youth is so strong desire to become a martyr. Who knows how many wars that have followed his martyrdom but never say hello.
So the young man in battle is determined if he was not killed in the way of Allah, I will return home once, said the young man told fellow compatriots. "I want to get married", he said, twinkling.
The day was hot enough to sting. People who are fasting like he was trying to find shelter, such as under a tree not far from the tents of his army. Soon even this young man falling asleep in the afternoon. As the sun slipped his companions to awaken the youth to pray Zhuhur. But their amazement, as he usually did not hasten to prayer. He did not rush to take water wudlu, she even cried when he woke from his sleep.
The friend was worried something had happened to him. "What's wrong with you, yes akhi" they said. After a pause to calm himself the young man replied "No nothing fellow. There's nothing to worry about you against me "he said. I was just dreaming.
And he then told a dream is going through. Dreams that make him cry when he was awakened by his friends. In my sleep, said the young man telling a dream, I was visited by someone. "Come with me to see your wife, 'Aina". Then I will go with him. I was invited into a country full of bright light. Have not lost my amazement, I was invited into a very beautiful garden whose beauty has never been seen before. I found the garden's beauty ten women who had never seen in my life.
I ask one of them. "Is there among you 'Aina [1]" I asked. Among them replied: 'Yes' Aina there, we only her ladies-in-waiting, go to there "Subhanallah, her ladies-in-waiting like this what about the' Aina, I thought. Then I went to that had led me to the park is in it. I found a much more beautiful gardens of the park before. Even more amazing there were twenty beautiful women that her beauty far exceeding ten 'ladies' that I met in the park before. I asked the lovely lady was twenty, is there any of you 'Aina? They replied: 'Yes,' Aina there and we are ladies-in-waiting, come in, "Neither of them guided into place. Again, outstanding views unfold before my eyes. The park is far in excess of two parks that I first entered. Thence looked at thirty very beautiful woman who exceed the women who I met earlier. Those who turned out also is a lady's maid to let me enter a dome made of stone Yaqut red, a fluorescent light beam in the vicinity. "Come in", said the person who drove me. I also entered it and I found a beautiful woman beat all the women that I saw earlier, he sat alone. I sat down to him. We talk to him. When we speak of people who drove me to call out. "Let's got to go" he said. I dunno, I like not having the strength to resist it and I still want to be with. I see overcast hung in the face 'Aina. His eyes seemed to speak so I would not leave. "Ifthor with us tonight ya!" Said 'Aina asked. That's when I awakened you. Apparently it is a dream. That's what caused me to cry ", said the young man put an end to the story.
After the prayers, calls for jihad on. The Muslims then rushed to prepare themselves to face the enemy. Tempers fierce battle with the enemies of Islam. When the sun was approaching dusk, when people break their fasting time, the young man got what he wanted. He was killed in a state still fasting.
Thabit Al-Banani Radhiallahu'anhu said, "I guessed he was from among the Ansar. Looks like he knows what's going to get."
[Translated freely by Al Ustadz Abu Zaky bin Muchtar Works From the Book of Al-Kitaab Jihad Al-Hafiz Al Mujahid Imam Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak
[1] 'Aina means: a bright-eyed jelly (Lisanul' Arab 13/302)

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