Senin, 28 November 2011

where I have to go back?

Sunday morning I was finally able to go home, at nine a friend came to pick me up from the house rent, well we are one of the area and happened to friends since we were little young.
Up into the home ran into a brother want to go to purwokerto, brother give us durian, thank God ... sadly it turns out no one at home, was to go to Jakarta, and my sister were in the boarding-lodging, well since college my sister chose to stay near campus.
Astaghfirulloh this house ... what .. chicken coop? in front of the rooster, roosters in the back ... even in the living room there is also a rooster ... 
I came home after my visit to the biological father, his house is quite close to my adoptive father. Thank God the situation is healthy, he was painting on glass, painting images of puppets, I think it was Baladewa figures ... Um I was accompanied on his side while I'm opening the netbook lenovo think pad IBM X60s giving my brother Nanang. Haha Like father like son, did we have in common? My father draw with glass media, I'm drawing with computer media, my Father draw puppet while I draw buildings with autocad. Know that I love you…dad, throw your cigarettes, and let us worship only to God ...
Oh, if I may say that to you at that time ...
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