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74 Testament

1. Be always sincere in faith to God and be careful of riya 'in both word or deed
2. Follow the Sunnah in all words, deeds, and  morals.
3. Is devoted to God and her intention was to implement all commands and stay away from all of his ban.
4. Is repent to God and repent nashuha multiply is asking forgiveness.  
5. Remember that God is borne in watching your movements. and Know that God sees you, hear you and know what occurred in your heart.
6. Have faith in Allah, His angels, His books, his apostles, and the final day and Qadr good or bad.
7. Thou shalt not taqlid (tail) to others with blind (without choosing and sorting the good from the bad and which are in accordance with the Sunnah / shari'ah 'at and which ones are not). And do you include people who have no establishment.
8. Be thou as the first person in the practice of kindness, because you will get a reward, but reward those who follow / imitate you in practice it.
9. Hold the book Riyadlush Sholihin, read by you and your family to read anyway, so does the book by Ibn al-Qayyim Zaadul Ma'ad.
10. Always keep and renew your ablution. And be thou always in a state of hadats holy and unclean.
11. Keep your prayers at the beginning of time and the congregation in the mosque even more pray 'Isha' and Fajr (dawn).
12. Do not eat food that has an unpleasant smell like garlic and onions. And do not smoke so as not to endanger yourself and the Muslims.
13. Always keep praying for you to be victorious with the reward that exist in these prayers.
14. Pay the poor-who has been required and do not be miserly to those who deserve it.
15. Haste went to Friday prayers, and do not tarry until after the second call to prayer because you would sin.
16. Fasting is the month with the full faith and expect Allah to Allah to forgive your sins whether past or the future.
17. careful of breaking the fast during the day in Ramadan without excuse syar'i because you will sin for you.
18. Establish the night prayers (tarawih) in the month of Ramadan even more so on the night of Laylat al-Qadr with faith and hope for reward from Allah so that you get forgiveness for your sins of the past.
19. Haste for Hajj and Umrah to the House of Al-Haram if you include people who are able and do not procrastinate.
20.  Read the Qur'an with its meaning mentadaburi. Do it was his orders and prohibitions in order to stay away from the Qur'an that go against you on the side of your Lord and be a helper to you in the Day of Judgement.
21. Always multiply the dzikr of Allah either gradual or hardened, whether in a state of standing, sitting or lying down. And be careful you from negligence.
22. Attend assemblies because assemblies of dzikr include a garden paradise.
23. Bend your view of the genitalia and the things that are forbidden and be careful to spit you out of sight, because it is the view of the poison dart arrows of Satan.
24. Thou shalt not long, clothes do not exceed the ankle and you walk with pride / arrogance.
25. Thou shalt not wear garments of silk and gold, because both are forbidden for men.
26. Do you like women and thou shalt not let your women like men.
27. Let your beard because the Prophet: "Supercuts is long, mustache and beard." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)       28. Thou shalt not eat unless you are kosher and not kosher to drink except that your prayer is granted.
29. Say bismillah when you want to eat and drink and say thank God when you have finished.
30. Eat with your right hand, take a right hand, take a right hand and give with his right hand.
31. Be careful of doing injustice tyranny because it is the darkness on the Day of Resurrection.
32. Do not associate except with the believers and let him eat the food unless you are in a pious state (with willingness and choose foods that are kosher for him).
33. Be careful of bribery (collusion), both giving bribes, accepting bribes or broker, because the perpetrators damned.
34. Do not seek human pleasure with the wrath of God because God will be angry with you.
35. Obey the government was in all the commands in accordance with the shari'ah and pray for good to them.
36. Beware of false testimony and hid testimony. "Those who conceal the testimony of his sinful heart. And God is aware of what you do. "(Al-Baqarah: 283)
37. "And remind the good and reject evil and be patient with what happen to you." (Luqman: 17) (Luqman: 17) Ma'ruf is what is commande d by Allah and His Messenger, and evil is what is forbidden by Allah and the apostle him.
38. Leave all the things that are forbidden either small or large, do not be immoral to God and do not help one in immoral in him.
39. Thou shalt not approach adultery. He said: "Do not approach adultery. Indeed adultery is an abomination and ugly-ugly way. "(Al-Isra ': 32)
40. Compulsory for you dutiful to parents and be aware of disobey her.
41. Obliged to you for the friendship and be aware of break up friendship.
42. Be kind to your neighbor and do not hurt him. And when he hurt the patient.
43. Expand visited the righteous people and brothers in the way of Allah.
44. Love is for God, and hate too because God because it is the faith of the most powerful rope.
45. Mandatory for you to sit down together with the righteous and be careful of hanging out with ugly people.
46. Haste to meet the basic need (requirement) of the Muslims and make them happy.
47. Decorated it with a gentleness, patience and meticulous. Be careful of the nature of the hard, rough and hasty.
48. Do not interrupt others and be thou a good listener.
49. Spread greetings to people who you know or you do not know.
50. Say hello and suggested that assalamualaikum and not enough to sign the palm of the hand or head.
51. Do not criticize anyone and qualifies her with ugliness.
52. Do not cursed anyone, including animals and inanimate objects.
53. Be careful of the accused and tarnish the honor of others because it includes the greatest sin.
54. Be careful of namimah (pitting), which convey the words of the man with the intention that the damage occurred between them.
55. Be careful of ghibah, that thou tell me about your brother what he would hate to know it.
56. Thou shalt not startle, frighten and harm fellow Muslims.
57. Mandatory for you to do ishlah (peace) among humans because it is the most important deeds.
58. Say things that are good, if not then shut up.
59. Be thou an honest person and do not lie because the lie will lead to sin and sin led to hell.
60. Thou shalt not duplicity. Come to a group with one face and to other groups with other faces.
61. Do not swear by other than Allah, and refrain much swearing though you are right.
62. Do not insult someone else because no one except by virtue of taqwa.
63. Do not come a healer, astrologer and magician, and do not justify the (word) them.
64. Do not draw a picture of man and beast. Behold, the man that his harshest punishment on Judgement Day is an image builders.
65. Do not store images of animate beings in the house because it will prevent the angels to enter your house.
66. (Tasymitkan) said was the one who sneezes with reading: yarhamukallah when he said: alhamdulillah
67. Stay away whistling and clapping.
68. Haste to repent from sin and follow evil with goodness because goodness is going to eliminate it. And be careful of procrastinating.
69. Expect always be forgiveness of God and His mercy and kindly thought is to God.
70. Fear Allaah and do not feel safe from him.
71. Be patient of all the calamities that befall and be grateful with all the pleasures that exist.
72. Expand doing good deeds that rewards continue to flow even if you are already dead, such as building mosques and spread the knowledge.
73. Ask Paradise and seek refuge in Allah from hell.
74. Expand to say prayers and greetings to the Prophet.

God's prayers and greetings always devoted to him until doomsday also to his family and all companions.

(Translated from bulletin titled Washiyyah li 75 Ash-Shabab publications Daarul Qashim Riyadl-KSA by Abu Abdurrahman Umar Munawwir)

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